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Special Battery Packs: Designed specifically for customer requirements using Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Alkaline Maganese and Lithium cell systems.

Our vast range of cells varies from button cells up to Super F,20Ah Ni Cad size. This wide range of cells are sourced from all the major battery manufacturers,
i.e. Energizer, Sanyo, Varta, Saft, Toshiba, Panasonic, GP, Duracell, Emmerich....

See our Technical Library for details of most of the cells we are able to supply.

For obtaining more information and technical data concerning any of the the listed cells, or if the cell that you require is not listed please contact us. See Feedback for more details. Layer cell Zinc Carbon Batteries: These are made specifically for Ever Ready Ltd, in the form of standard PP9, PP8, PP8/2, PP7 and PP6 batteries, also flag cells and a range of special purpose battery packs suited to the layer cell system.
This technology is available for the customers specific requirement, if the application and quantaties warrant its use.

VARTA Lithium Polymer
Teklogic Bar Code Reader batteries
Emmerich Battery alternatives
Beaulieu Cine Camera batteries
Obsolete Eveready / Ever Ready batteries
Feel free to use our new Technical Library produced for your reference - click here
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