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Batteries sometimes need to be encapsulated in resins or polymers in order to meet requirements of intrinsic safety or waterproofing specifications. These include polyurethane resin, epoxy resin or silicone based compounds. This can be done as an in house operation by Univercell. We are able to use the customers specified encapsulant or recommend a suitable material based on the application. Some applications require an encapsulant with particular flame resistance or moisture resistance characteristics. We have experience of using a wide variety of materials and have the necessary mixing equipment and fume cupboard facilities for doing the job to the necessary high standard. We have the capability to machine the finished battery if required to achieve dimensional tolerances or particular features to allow the battery to interface with the equipment it is powering. A suitable vent mechanism must be designed into an encapsulated battery to allow the battery to vent in an abuse situation.

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